Spring 2022 Update

Homes will start construction this year in North Vista Highlands and we want to (re-) introduce ourselves and give you an overview of the North Vista Highlands Community.

My name is David Resnick and while I purchased North Vista Highlands recently, the project started long before my time, as told by this article from the Pueblo Daily Chieftain, Sunday Morning, December 30, 1888, on Page 2:


Fountain Lake subdivision is in the northern part of the city on the capitol hill of Pueblo and all the manufactories and smelters are south of the city, and here as in Denver the fine residence portion will grow away from the noise and smoke.

Santa Fe avenue, the business artery that points the future growth of Pueblo, runs directly through this addition.

All avenues are 80 and 100 feet wide.

Beautified with 40 acres of lakes and park ground and abundantly supplied with water from its own ditch, it lies high and smooth, with a gentle southerly slope, commanding at once a fine view of the entire city, Pike’s Peak and the Rocky mountains.

To introduce this new addition lots will be sold for a brief time only for $25 to $40 by the block and half block. Any one can readily understand that this is a bargain, and that purchasers will reap an immense profit on the money invested. This is what we desire. To Interest strangers we must give them a chance to make money rapidly. It is the intention of the owners of this addition to see to it that this addition is made the most elegant quarter of Pueblo.

Terms one third cash and long time on balance. For particulars call at
The Pueblo Real Estate Office, Under Grand Hotel.

The Fountain Lake Subdivision continued through the years, mostly housing cattle until getting zoned for its current use in 2009. By forming metropolitan districts, we were able to build the backbone roads and utilities and sell groups of lots to other developers and home builders. Now let me introduce you to them using our revised plan. Please note that this plan is illustrative and does not necessarily show the plats that have been or will get recorded - this is for planning purposes only.

We have sold 737 lots to two developers, 433 lots in Phase 1A to Pueblo Sprout Development and 304 lots in Phases 1B, 2A, and 3A, to an investment group from Colorado Springs. We plan to sell a portion of Phase 2B and all of Phase 3B this year, but you probably do not care about our lot sales - you want to know about the homes!

We will do our best to connect you directly to the builders when they are ready to be contacted. You can find a list of builders on our website under "Meet our Builders." Currently you will find a link to Pure Zero Construction, but more will follow over the next few months.

Thank you for your interest in North Vista Highlands!




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