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AboutNorth Vista

Reimagine your life in the North Vista Highlands, an innovative residential development that's redefining the way we live, work, and play.

Designed with an ambitious vision, our community is uniquely zoned to incorporate a perfect blend of residential and commercial conveniences, offering you easy access to gyms, coffee shops, and much more within a stone's throw from your home.

Highland Living Highlights

300+ Days of Sunshine
and Open Skies

7% Lower Cost of Living than
Colorado State Average

15 min Average Commute to
everything in to town

3Grocery Stores within a
5 Min Drive

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A Hidden Gem For Highend LivingOur Community


Aesthetic Diversity: We design each home with care, ensuring that neighboring homes have different finishings and profiles to give the community character and life. It’s time to say goodbye to copy-paste culdesacs!


Environmentally Integrated: The design of the community is planned in harmony with the natural environment, integrating the built environment with the natural topography, preserving panoramic views, and creating opportunities for trails and recreation within natural drainage ways.


Flexibility and Customization: While we maintain clear design guidelines to ensure a high-end and cohesive community, we believe every resident in the North Vista Highlands deserves their dream home. To this end, we offer flexibility in the homebuilding process. Whether it's selecting from a range of pre-approved architectural styles, modifying an existing design, or implementing your own vision, we encourage personalization.


Visionary Planning: Embodying the essence of a work-play-live community, we have strategically allocated land for commercial development. To ensure long-lasting community benefits, we stipulate that all commercial endeavors must be geared towards serving the evolving needs of our residents, fostering a community ecosystem that thrives and grows in harmony with the needs of its inhabitants. This forward-thinking approach ensures a dynamic, responsive, and sustainable neighborhood that enriches the lives of residents for years to come.


Embrace Togetherness: With an array of amenities such as parks, playgrounds, and trails, North Vista Highlands cultivates a true sense of community. Our design encourages neighborly interactions, from leisurely dog walks to backyard barbecues. Here, your children can play freely at the park just a block away, reinforcing that cherished neighborhood camaraderie.


Affordable Luxury: Our community opens its arms to a range of residents, offering homes that suit various budget scales while never compromising on quality or elegance. Whether it's a property in the $300K range or a custom home worth over a million, every residence embodies our commitment to luxury, style, and community.

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