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Best City to Retire in Colorado in 2024

Discover Comfort with a Lower Cost of Living

Picture a place where the sun shines most of the year, where winters are mild, traffic is easy, and ski slopes are only a couple of hours away. Let me introduce you to Pueblo, Colorado.

Pueblo is home to a passionate community, affordable living, and a wealth of recreational activities making it an idyllic setting for retirees.

Cost of Living

Pueblo offers the financial peace of mind that retirees seek.

As one of AARP’s top 10 low-cost places to retire, Pueblo’s compelling combination of affordability and quality of life is unbeatable:

  • POPULATION: 158,000
  • MEDIAN HOME PRICE: $102,600

While Pueblo’s cost of living is incredibly affordable, try comparing it with your current address using Forbe’s Cost of Living Calculator!

Furthermore, if you are considering building a custom home, land, and construction in Pueblo are far cheaper than in Denver and Colorado Springs. You’d be surprised at how far your money can stretch here.

Easy Commutes

Culture & Community

Photo made available by local photographers at

Perhaps one of the nicest benefits of retiring in Pueblo is the easy commute. On average, everything is within an 18-minute commute. Even rush-hour traffic will only delay you for 10 minutes maximum.

Living in a neighborhood like the North Vista Highlands makes transportation even more convenient where everything you need lives at your fingertips.

  • Country Club = 11 min drive
  • King Supers = 9 min drive
  • Sams Club = 8 min drive
  • Pueblo Mall = 7 min drive
  • Planet Fitness = 7 min drive
  • Walking Stick Golf Course = 5 min drive

It’s a city not too small that you know everyone, yet it’s intimate enough that everyone is friendly and closely connected.

Culture and Community

Culture & Community

Photographed by Armando Chavez

Living in Pueblo isn’t just about numbers.

Puebloans are known for their deep pride. You can sense it when they talk about their grandparents, high school, cultural traditions, and favorite green chili.

You’ll taste that pride when you eat Pueblo’s distinctive Mira Sol green chili peppers or the famous “slopper.” Pueblo’s community spirit shines through in our local sports scene. You’ll feel it when you watch the “one-hundred-year war,” as the Central Wildcats and Centennial Bulldogs battle at the Bell Game – one of Colorado’s longest-held high school rivalries.

As a first-generation Pueblo native, I couldn’t fully understand this deep seeded sentiment for old traditions. Why would parents insist on sending their kids to the same high school that their grandparents went to? Why do some locals scoff at the idea of New Mexico’s Hatch Chili?

When I grew older, I realized their passion stems from one or both of these two things:

  1. Family
  2. Heritage

Many Puebloans have lived here for generations and their familial ties have only strengthened over time. Our food, art, and events are rich in Chicano and Hispanic culture because of it.

The city has also made a huge investment in the art scene. Pueblo boasts the world’s largest continuous painting as recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records – the Pueblo Levee Mural Project. You can enjoy all three miles of this remarkable artistry without spending a dime.

At the core of Pueblo’s thriving arts scene is the Pueblo Creative Corridor, a Colorado Certified Creative District. It’s a hotbed of creativity attracting renowned artists across disciplines who contribute to the city’s dynamic artistic culture. Pueblo’s artistry extends beyond visual art, featuring an impressive performing arts scene led by venues like the Sangre de Cristo Arts Center. The Pueblo Arts Alliance enhances this cultural ecosystem, providing affordable studio spaces and organizing community events. In Pueblo, art permeates daily life, reflecting in its streets, galleries, and people, making every day a vibrant cultural adventure.


Pueblo’s climate is blissfully temperate, providing a mellow weather experience compared to other Colorado cities. With fewer incidences of heavy snow, hail, and other severe conditions, our city offers comfort and ease for those who prefer a more laid-back climate. Yet, for snow enthusiasts, world-class ski slopes are just a short, two-hour drive away.

For some, the weather may be a little too dry for their taste, but many of my Georgia and Florida friends moved here delighted they got to escape the humidity.


Outdoor enthusiasts will revel in the diverse recreational opportunities Pueblo offers. Activities such as fishing and boating at the Pueblo Reservoir, various bike trails, and multiple golf courses cater to every preference.

Pueblo’s reservoir, the fourth-largest in Colorado, spans 4,600 acres and provides a refreshing retreat, especially during the hot summer days. In 2021, the lake attracted a remarkable 4.6 million visitors from all across Colorado and beyond.

Lake Pueblo is a paradise for fishing enthusiasts, hosting a range of species including bass, walleye, crappies, trout, channel catfish, and wipers. Beyond fishing, the lake is a hub for water sports like jet skiing, wake surfing, and kayaking.

For a more tranquil experience, the Pueblo Riverwalk offers serene strolls along a charming waterway lined with cascading mini waterfalls, ducks, and restaurants. A short walk from the Riverwalk leads you to a bustling downtown area filled with antique shops and art galleries.

Even golfers will find Pueblo a dream destination, with four golf courses within the city and a fifth option, Desert Hawk, just 10 miles away.


With the combination of affordability, fantastic weather, a thriving community spirit, and a focus on sustainable living, Pueblo stands out as an unbeatable choice for retirement. Come and discover why more and more people are calling Pueblo home.

Interested in learning more about relocating to Pueblo, Colorado? Feel free to reach out at 719-320-8557. I’m here to answer any questions you may have or, if needed, connect you with someone who can provide further assistance!

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