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Pueblo’s Fairs, Festivals and More!

A Celebration of Tradition: Pueblo, Colorado’s Vibrant Fairs & Festivals

Pueblo is a city rich in culture, history, and a penchant for celebration. Throughout the year, the air is thick with excitement as various festivals and fairs roll into town. Here’s a glimpse of some of Pueblo’s most anticipated annual events that make it a magnet for both locals and visitors.

The Colorado State Fair: An Enduring Legacy

Established back on October 9, 1872, the Colorado State Fair has its roots in the initiatives of the Southern Colorado Agricultural and Industrial Association. Over time, this event has blossomed on its sprawling 102-acre ground, with its well-maintained paths and lush landscapes. Like all State Fairs, it is rich with giant turkey legs, funnel cake, fried delights, roller coasters, and vendors.  Not only has it been the backdrop for numerous star-studded concerts, but the fairgrounds also hum with community events year-round, making it a focal point of Pueblo’s lively spirit.

Pueblo Chile & Frijoles Festival: A Fiery Fiesta

Spice aficionado…Pueblo is going to be your paradise! Every year, Pueblo’s historic downtown Union Ave is transformed into a spicy haven during the Pueblo Chile & Frijoles Festival. Spanning ten city blocks, the fest is a medley of sizzling entertainment, bustling street stalls, culinary showdowns, and the real star of the show – the Pueblo Chile. And if you’re looking for some added fun, don’t miss the chili and salsa contests, air balloon festivities, and the adorable Chihuahua and Friends Parade.

Pueblo’s Parade of Lights: A Luminous Legacy

For over three decades, the Parade of Lights has been etched into Pueblo’s holiday traditions. As one of Colorado’s grandest Christmas parades, it dazzles spectators every Saturday post-Thanksgiving. Watch in awe as creatively adorned floats, school bands, equestrian groups, and illuminated vehicles cruising through Union Avenue to Main Street. Events like these are a great way to experience Pueblo’s community and passion. You will see generations of family members celebrate their high schools and you won’t help but feel how loyal and caring our community is.

Independence Day on the Riverwalk

One of my favorite events displays of the season is our 4th of July Firework Celebration. With boat rides, live musical notes filling the air, and a delightful array of local food trucks, this I’d argue this is the best firework show in Southern Colorado. As the clock ticks to 9:30 p.m., all eyes turn to the Main Street parking garage to witness a sky full of lights.

Gravel Locos Bike Race: Pueblo’s Pedal Power

A relatively new entrant to Pueblo’s festive scene is the Gravel Locos Bike Race. Cyclists can choose from four diverse routes, each promising its unique set of challenges. Born in Hico, Texas, Pueblo proudly hosts its edition, marrying the thrill of the race with a noble cause – supporting the Red Creek Volunteer Fire and Rescue.

While the ball doesn’t drop in Pueblo like it does in New York, Pueblo strikes a unique balance. On one hand, events like the Chili Festival attract over 100,000 visitors, and on the other, you’re bound to bump into friends and family at each of these events. That’t while locals like to call Pueblo “a city with small town vibes.”

Come celebrate with us and experience our rich heritage, love for food, music, and community spirit.


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