Fall 2021 Update

Thank you for your interest in North Vista Highlands. For more than two years we have been busy building roads and developing lots, and during 2022 we will finally see the start of new home construction. Here is some background and what you need to know.

North Vista Highlands will be home to more than four thousand homes over the next twenty years. The first phase of the community will be Phase 1A at the northeast corner of Walking Stick Boulevard and Vision Hills Parkway where 161 lots have been constructed - the mix of lots is shown on the map below.

For those of you that like detail, the North Vista Highlands community is being phased into three major areas - Development Area 1 (which includes Phases 1-4), Development Area 2, and future development areas north of Home of Heroes that are not shown on the map.

The master developer of the community is Jevin Investments, Inc., which sells large areas to sub-developers that in turn create lots for homebuilders who then sell homes to the public. This is similar to the way a large manufacturer sells raw materials to car manufacturers that then sell cars to local car dealers who then sell those cars directly to the consumer.

  • Phase 1 is owned by Pueblo Sprout Development, LLC who in turn is selling (and in some cases constructing) homes that will get sold to the public. Pueblo Sprout Development has completed Phase 1A and is working to construct additional lots in Phase 1B.
  • Phases 2A, 3, and 4 are owned by a group of investors that are working toward the creation of additional lots.
  • Phase 2B is an apartment site retained by Jevin Investments and listed for sale. We expect to sell this site to a developer that will start the construction of 284 apartments in 2022.
  • Development Area 2 is also retained by Jevin Investments but negotiations for large portions of this property have begun and we expect to announce major developments soon.

This website is owned and managed by the master developer, Jevin Investments, and because we sell large parcels to other developers or homebuilders we do not always have information specific to your needs.

Our mailing list helps you get that information and now that the initial homebuilders and developers are ready we want you to know the best way to find and contact them. The Meet Our Builders page has links to the developers and homebuilders as they become ready to have you contact them. At the date of this update only the developer of Phase 1 is listed but over the next few months you will see at least three other homebuilders added to this list.

We realize that for some of you it has been a long wait to get specific information about individual lots or homes in our community, and we want to thank you for your patience. Check back here regularly to see the list of builders grow so that you can select the right lot or home for you.

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