Winter 2021 Update 2

Temperatures have been dropping in Pueblo but North Vista Highlands continues to heat up. The completion of Walking Stick from CSU to Vision Hills has drawn lots of attention and provides a new way to access the North Vista Highlands and Walking Stick communities. Plus it is a great place to walk for locals and students.

Speaking of new road construction, if you’ve visited recently you have seen the work being completed at Vision Hills and Walking Stick Boulevards. This roundabout is the first of many planned throughout the NVH development and its size is a glimpse at the grandeur of the future community. Did you notice the power lines have been buried too!

Spring of 2021 will see road construction continuing North up Walking Stick Blvd and West along with the future Home of Heroes Parkway. Once this construction gets completed we will open a new parcel for development of 340 apartments.

Phase 1A will be completed by early spring followed by new home construction. This first phase provides 161 residential units, walking trails, a park, and a future community center.

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