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Things to Do in Pueblo Colorado in 2023

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Pueblo’s Outdoors: Biking and Hiking Gems

Nestled amidst Colorado’s captivating landscapes, Pueblo offers a plethora of hiking and biking opportunities, catering to adventurers of all levels. Whether you’re looking for a serene stroll, a heart-pounding mountain hike, or a thrilling bike ride, Pueblo and its surroundings have you covered.

Hiking Havens:

  1. South Shore to Stonehenge and Rock Canyon Loop
    Stretching across 4.5 miles, this loop trail promises a blend of birdwatching, hiking, and mountain biking. Tackling its moderate challenges might take about 1 hour and 44 minutes. Best explored from April to October, the trail offers moments of tranquility, especially during the less frequented hours.
  2. Pueblo River Loop:
    Embracing Lake Pueblo, this 17-mile trail lets you traverse a picturesque landscape dotted with juniper, sagebrush, and, depending on the season, resplendent wildflowers. Despite its length, the trail remains accessible to hikers of all proficiency levels.
  3. Tunnel Drive Trail:
    Situated an hour west of Pueblo, this 4-mile trail is a local favorite, boasting stunning canyon vistas and intriguing rock tunnels. While devoid of tree cover, the trail is perfect for families and provides a unique hiking experience. Bonus: the adjacent river is a hub for trout fishing enthusiasts.
  4. Greenhorn Mountain Trail:
    For those craving an adrenaline rush, this trail, located just 35 minutes from Pueblo, offers a 14-mile trek with an elevation change of over 5,000 feet. While devoid of scrambles typical to 14er hikes, the trail’s switchbacks are demanding. Yet, the panoramic views from the summit, encompassing towering peaks and vast plains, are a worthy reward.
  5. Natural Waterslides in San Isabel:
    A relatively short 1.6-mile hike near Rye, this trail presents a moderately challenging route, usually taking around 44 minutes. It’s a serene hike where you might have the paths all to yourself, with dogs allowed, provided they’re leashed.

Biking Bliss:

  1. Pueblo Reservoir Greenway Trail
    Encompassing 15.9 miles, this trail near Pueblo is generally considered beginner-friendly, taking approximately 5 hours and 22 minutes. Whether you’re into birdwatching, hiking, or road biking, this trail offers a delightful experience. Optimal visiting times range from March to October, with certain sections allowing off-leash dogs.
  2. Runyon Lake Path
    A brief 1.2-mile loop trail, it’s a hub for bird enthusiasts, bikers, and runners. While you may cross paths with fellow adventurers, the entire experience is immersive. Dogs can accompany but with leashes on.
  3. City Park and Zoo Loop
    Meandering through a 1.5-mile loop near Pueblo, this trail is perfect for biking, jogging, or a leisurely walk. Open throughout the year, its beauty remains undiminished irrespective of the season.

Pueblo’s outdoor offerings are a testament to its rich natural heritage and commitment to maintaining spaces for adventure and leisure alike. So, whether you’re a seasoned hiker or a casual biker, Pueblo’s trails await with open arms, ensuring memories that will last a lifetime. A great resource for trails include All Trails,, and Mountain Bike Project.

If you are a social rider, Cruisin Pueblo is one of the largest biking communities in town. Every summer, they meet at Walter’s Brewery and Taproom and guide bikers through Pueblo’s best trails. I’ve seen mothers and babies, whole families, teens, and seniors alike enjoy the cruise.

The most updated resource for all recreation in Pueblo can be found here.

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