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Things to Do in Pueblo Colorado in 2023: Outdoor Summer Edition

Pueblo may not have a social scene like Seattle or San Francisco, but there’s a lot more buzz here than meets the eye. Summer may be coming to a close, but there is still time to enjoy the nice weather – so let’s jump right in.

Culture & Community

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Best Activities for Outdoor Lovers

  1. The Reservoir Experience with Colorado Surf Party Rentals. The Pueblo reservoir is a great place to bike, swim, and fish, but there is one lesser enjoyable activity that I wish more people could experience: boating. Lake Pueblo is perfect for wake surfing, wake boarding, knee boarding, tubing and so much more, but it’s hard to enjoy when you don’t own a boat. Colorado Surf PartyRentals provides that water sports and boating experience with instructors that will teach you how to surf the wake. While this is one of the more expensive activities on this list, it’s a perfect family experience that will engage even the most stubborn teenager. You can also enjoy the res through Pueblo Jet Ski Rentals if you want a more affordable way to explore Lake Pueblo.UPDATE: I also found FishHead Outdoor, a fishing guide service that will add a dose of excitement to the fishing experience!
  2. Biking…with awesome people. As far as I know, Cruisin Pueblo is one of the largest biking communities in town. Every summer, they meet at Walter’s Brewery and Taproom and guide bikers through Pueblo’s best trails. I’ve seen mothers and babies, whole families, teens, and seniors alike enjoy the cruise.
  3. A Sanctuary for Car Buffs. Many people seem to forget that Pueblo has a lively car scene and it’s most accessible at the Pueblo Motorsports Park. They host events for drag races and have a 2.2-mile road course with high-speed straights. While you can bring your car, they also have programs for beginners!
  4. Paintball and Airsoft for Thrill Seekers. Another forgotten gem in town is ColorSpash Paintball. They have everything from combat archery to jellyball, paintball, and airsoft. I’m not a huge fan of the paintball welts, so I prefer their gellyball and combat archery activities most. I highly recommend this for older friend groups or even solo airsoft enthusiasts.
  5. The Perfect Movie Night Under the Stars. Movie theaters are great, but sometimes we want to watch the latest release without the hush-hush environment. The Mesa Drive Inn is perfect for boys’ nights, girls’ nights, date nights, and family nights with the kids because you can chat without disturbing the people around you. People often get there an hour early to play cornhole or relax in their lawn chairs.
  6. Disc Golfing for Champs.  Pueblo City Park Disc Golf is a fan favorite nationwide. While it is open year-round, it’s best enjoyed during the summer months. As a member of the Professional Disc Golf Association, it has hosted the Colorado Disc Sports Association’s Championships, and better yet, it is completely free to the public. It may take a while to get a hang of this leisurely sport, but it is a great way to spend time with your buddies without breaking the bank.
  7. Golfing…for Golfers. There are plenty of golf courses to choose from including Walkingstick Golf Course, Elmwood, Desert Hawk, and thePueblo Country Club. I’ve heard locals and non-natives alike say Walkingstick has the best views and Elmwood has more options for beginners, but at the end of the day, all of them are very well-kept.
  8. An Option for the Most Spontaneous Adventurer.  Outdoor Pursuits is a program run by Colorado State University-Pueblo. They plan various trips throughout the year including hikes, rock-climbing adventures, and paddleboarding outings. The program used to be exclusive to students, but it has since been opened up to the general public!

In Pueblo Colorado, adventure may seem absent, but it’s hiding just around the corner. There are even more incredible places to visit within a 45-minute drive such as the famous Bishop’s Castle and plentiful wooded hikes.

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